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Friday, January 19, 2018

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General Information and Expectations
Creath-Brazos Baptist Association was formed for the purpose of preserving the principles of our faith, our cherished historic Baptist convictions, and to fulfill our responsibility to the commission given to us by our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18-20).
The vision of CBBA is "a network of Southern Baptist Convention Churches partnering for a greater impact in the Kingdom of God." 
To these ends and to set forth certain guidelines for governing our association in an orderly manner consistent with New Testament principles, CBBA has established a governing constitution.  It is understood that you have received and agree to the general and specific tenants of our constitution, and /or any revisions thereof, whether they be matters of associational polity or doctrine.  This ministry partnership will be considered dissolved should you no longer agree to abide by CBBA's constitution and/or doctrinal convictions.
Because of your expressed faith in Christ and in an effort to honor Him in your ministry work, you will be expected to provide excellent and Christ-like service to all of the "stakeholders" of CBBA.  These "stakeholders" include but are not limited to the Executive Board, pastors, elders, deacons, support staff, ministry team members, association members, visitors, attendees, ministry partners of CBBA, etc.  Excellence in ministry service is expected at all levels and with all CBBA's associates, both internal and external.
While in ministry service at CBBA, you will be expected to serve as a representative of this association, performing at all times in her best interest.  It is expected that you will represent this association in the best light in all of your ministry-related dialogue.
As an employee of CBBA, you will be expected to apply your mind, attention, skill and best effort to each task.  You will need to make effective use of your time and conduct yourself with the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and edifying speech.  The CBBA ministry workplace is an environment where the staff members are expected to be punctual and appropriately dressed.
Your employment at CBBA is under the supervision of the Executive Board working through the Administration Team.  This supervision may be direct or indirect as appropriate to the specific tasks of your ministry description.  All hiring discussion, ministry descriptions, performance reviews, and termination duties are under their charge of responsibility.  
The degree to which you strive for excellence in your ministry duties will directly affect the degree of fruitfulness experienced by our association and the degree of ministry opportunities and personal growth this association can offer you as a staff member.
If you would wish to be considered for the position of Director of Missions of the Creath-Brazos Baptist Association please send your resume and/or Bio to