Creath Brazos Baptist Association
Thursday, September 20, 2018

CBBA Constitution








The name of this body shall be the Creath-Brazos Baptist Association.




Creath-Brazos Baptist Association is Southern Baptist churches cooperatively networking together:


· to enhance the spiritual health and well-being of each church, and 


· to facilitate local and global fulfillment of the Great Commission by these churches.




Section 1. The group of churches that constitute this fellowship shall be Baptist churches that are in harmony and cooperation with the purpose and spirit of this Association as set forth in this constitution.  This organization shall be only a medium through which Baptist churches may harmoniously cooperate.  It shall have no power or authority to limit the autonomy of the local church.



Section 2. The Association, when duly assembled, shall be sole judge of the qualifications and fitness of its membership, both as to churches of the common fellowship and individual messengers to the Annual Association Meeting.  It has the power to deny seats to messengers and withdraw fellowship from churches unorthodox in faith, unchristian in character or leadership, or noncooperative in practice.


Section 3. The churches of this Association shall be in doctrinal harmony with the historic faith and practice of Baptists substantially as set forth in the Baptist Faith and Message.




Any Baptist Church desiring to cooperate with this Association shall present a petitionary letter to the Moderator at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting.  The Moderator shall appoint a committee to consider the petitions under the following guidelines:


1. The petitioning church must have been in existence for at least six (6) months.  This requirement may be waived in cases where the church had been a mission of an established cooperating church of the Association for as long as six (6) months.


2. Every church will be received under watchcare for a period of one (1) year.  In that year, the church will be given opportunity to demonstrate stability and cooperation in Southern Baptist life.  The watchcare year may be waived in cases where a church has demonstrated stability and cooperation as a mission of an established church of the Association for one (1) year.


3. At the end of the year of watchcare, the church shall be examined again by the committee and a recommendation made at the annual meeting for acceptance, rejection, or an additional year of watchcare.


4. During the watchcare period, the church shall have nonvoting representation on the Executive Board.




The Association shall have an annual meeting in October and three quarterly meetings at such time and place as the Association may decide.


Each church shall be entitled to not less than (3) messengers to the annual meeting and one (1) additional messenger for every 25 members above 50 members, provided that no church shall have more than 12 messengers.




Section 1. Officers of the Association shall be Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Clerk, and Treasurer, who shall perform the duties usually involved upon such officers.  These shall serve for one (1) year or until their successors shall have been elected.  The same person shall not be eligible for election as Moderator for more than two (2) consecutive terms.  After a lapse of one (1) year the person may be considered again eligible to serve as Moderator.  The Moderator shall be an ex-officio member of associational ministry teams.


Section 2. A nomination for all officers of the Association shall be made by the Administrative Team.  Opportunity shall be given for nomination from the floor of the annual meeting for any officer in the Association.  The vote upon the election of the Moderator shall be taken separately from the vote of the officers.  A separate vote shall be taken upon any office for which there is more than one (1) nomination.




Section 1. The Executive Board shall be empowered to employ a Director of Missions, who shall hold office so long as mutually agreeable.  He shall maintain an Associational office and shall, under the direction of the Executive Board, direct the work of the Association.


Section 2. It shall be his duty in conjunction with the proper ministry teams to promote all the cooperative endeavors of the Association.  He shall be a member of the Executive Board and an ex-officio member of all ministry teams.




Section 1. Membership.  The Executive Board shall consist of two (2) lay people from each church.  In addition, it shall include officers of the Association, pastors and staff of churches and mission pastors sponsored by the churches.  The officers of the Association shall be also the officers of the Executive Board.


Section 2. The Executive Board shall have charge and control of all the work of this body between annual sessions except when otherwise directed by the body.  The Board shall meet at the three associational quarterly meetings.  It may be called into special sessions when necessary by the Moderator or the Vice-Moderator in his absence.


Section 3. The Executive Board has the authority to acquire or sell equipment and real estate through its trustees, and manage said property as may be necessary and beneficial in carrying out the purpose of the Association.  The Executive Board has the authority through its trustees to make whatever financial arrangements are necessary to borrow or sell for capital improvements.


Section 4. The Executive Board shall have the power to designate the registered office and appoint the registered agent of the Association pursuant to the Texas Nonprofit Corporation Act.




Three (3) trustees shall be elected by the Association at its annual meeting in October.  The trustees shall be authorized to hold the title to real estate property.  As directed by the Executive Board, trustees are to acquire and dispose of equipment and real estate property, and to make whatever financial arrangements that are necessary to borrow or sell for capital improvements.




This constitution may be amended at any annual meeting of the Association provided such amendment is offered at any quarterly meeting of the Executive Board prior to the annual meeting and is adopted by at least a two-thirds majority at a subsequent annual meeting. 






The Association shall operate under the following bylaws:


I. Parliamentary Procedures

Parliamentary procedures for the Annual Meeting and Executive Board will be Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, unless superceded by the Associational Constitution or Bylaws.


II. Reports and Statistics

Each church shall be expected to present the standard report in use by Southern Baptist churches to the Association indicating the additions to and dismissals from its membership during the year as well as the total membership of the church.  This report shall also give a summary of all contributions made through the church during the year and any other information indicated on the standard form.


III. Associational Council

The Associational Council shall be made up of Ministry Team Leaders plus the officers of the Association.  The Moderator will chair the council.  The primary task of the council shall relate to calendar planning and program coordination.


IV. Temporary Committees

Temporary Committees shall be appointed by the Moderator or elected from the floor of the Annual meeting or any Executive Board Meeting as needed for responsibilites not covered by Ministry Teams.  Examples of temporary committees are Time, Place, and Preacher; Resolutions; Petitionary Letter; Audit; Constitution Revision; etc.  Appointments by the Moderator shall be made in counsel with the Director of Missions and any other associational officer as appropriate.


V. Ministry Teams

The work of the association shall be accomplished primarily through Ministry Teams.



A Ministry Team is a group of ministerial and lay persons from Creath-Brazos churches working as a team to help the association fulfill its purpose as stated in Article II of the constitution.


A Ministry Team should be made up of persons gifted, called, and committed to the fulfillment of a particular facet of this purpose.  Persons serving on a Ministry Team shall be nominated by the Administrative Team and elected by the messengers to the annual meeting of the Association.  A Team's meetings should be open to any non-elected person in the Association whose interest and concern lies in that particular area.  The only exception would be meetings that would need to be held in confidence because of sensitive material discussed.


A Ministry Team should be responsive, flexible, adaptable, and subject to change and modification as the needs and opportunities of the Association dictate.  The work of this Team should always be directed by the purpose of the Association and not by organizational definitions and limitations.



Although the Ministry Teams address different needs of the Association, they have some responsibilities that are common to all.  These are as follows:


1. Keeping in mind the purpose of the Association and churches, prayerfully work with the associational staff in addressing the needs assigned to the team.


2. When scheduling events, clear the dates with the associational staff.


3. Submit financial requests to the Administrative Team.


4. Regularly communicate the activity of the Team to the associational staff, the Executive Board, and the churches.  Each Team is expected to make a written report at the annual meeting.



Each Team shall consist of six elected members serving on a three year rotation system.  The rotation system is meant to provide for a greater number of persons serving but should not be a barrier to the Administrative Team "cycling" a person back on when it would be an enhancement to the Team.  The only exception would be that no person may serve more than three consecutive years on the Administrative Team.  Members shall be both ministerial and lay persons.  Members should be representative of large and small, rural and urban churches.  Members and a Team Leader for each team will be nominated by the Administrative Team.  A Secretary shall be appointed by each team leader to keep permanent, open records of each meeting, a copy of which shall be filed in the association office.  The Director of Missions shall be a voting member of each team by virtue of his position.



The purpose of Creath-Brazos Association shall be fulfilled through the work of the following Ministry Teams:


1. Prayer and Spiritual Renewal Team



To seek God's will through prayer for spiritual renewal within the Association, using appropriate means to promote and encourage it among the churches.





a. Members commit to spiritual awakening and revival for themselves personally, praying and waiting for God's specific direction for bringing revival to the Association.

b. Work with pastors and other church leaders in creating an atmosphere of urgency for spiritual renewal.

c. Sponsor events and speakers which will promote and aid in the realization of spiritual awakening and revival.


2. Minister/Staff Support Team



To equip, enable, and encourage minister/staff persons so that they can give strong, positive leadership to their church and the Association.



Provide resources and events that will contribute to the personal, family, and professional health of ministers and other church staff persons.


3. Church Support Team



To assist the churches of Creath-Brazos through resources, consultations, training, and combined events to be strong, healthy Great Commission churches.



a. Work for the enhancement of the spiritual health and well-being of each Creath-Brazos church.

b. Address the following major areas of church life: music, Sunday School, Discipleship Training, women's/girl's ministries, and men's/boy's ministries.

c. Other areas of responsibility are the development of children, youth, family, and church leadership.

d. Assistance is to include but not be limited to the areas just listed.


4. Missions/Ministry Team



To assist the churches of the Association to individually and collectively carry out the Great Commission.



a. Prayerfully seek out the missions/ministry needs in which God would have our associational churches involved.

b. Inform and challenge our churches to be involved.

c. Provide or arrange for training and assistance for those churches who get involved.

d. Evangelism, student ministry, social ministry, International ministry, mission trips, new church starts, and other "outreach" efforts, come under the responsibility of this Team.


5. Administrative Team



To perform varied administrative functions needed to enable the Association to fulfill its purpose.



a. Serve as a consultative group for the Director of Missions.

b. Ensure the maintenance of an updated Personnel Policy Manual for associational employees.  Recommend employees' salary and benefit packages annually.  Deal with personnel issues that arise, as needed.

c. Coordinate the formulation of an annual budget and make recommendations to the Executive Board on all financial matters.

d. Nominate to the Executive Board persons to serve on ministry teams and other volunteer associational positions, including nominees for the Administrative Team.


VI. Amendments to Bylaws

The bylaws may be amended at any annual meeting of the Association provided such amendment is presented at any quarterly meeting of the Executive Board and is adopted by at least a two-thirds majority at a subsequent annual meeting.